Orthopedic Bracing

Treatment for Arthritis, Chronic Pain or Sprain, Tendon/Ligament Tears, Post-Surgery Care.

The best source for decompression/traction braces. These quality braces provide continuous therapeutic “relief on the go” that allows you the freedom to return to a better lifestyle.

The function of the brace is scientific, precise, and most of all very simple. Spinal traction is created when the brace is inflated. The vertical air cell expansion mechanism decreases the axial loading while increasing the intervertebral disc space. The brace anchors underneath the rib cage pushing upwards, stretching the torso vertically, significantly reducing pain levels.


Our superior lines of products meet the needs, rigors and performance standards most requested by physicians and that deliver the comfort and support needed by patients. Our preferred products are evaluated for quality, performance, and patient comfort. Whatever your diagnosis might be, from arthritis to carpel tunnel, we have a brace that’s right for you.


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